I love myself (& I never thought I’d say that)

It’s been a little over a year since a Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis scared the hell out of me. Immediately my mind filled with worst case scenarios: blindness, nerve damage, amputations… Today, it’s official that I’ve lost 106lbs (down from 356 to 250). My A1C (blood sugar) is in the …

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A Tamed Tiger Is Still a Tiger

tiger in shadow

  Maybe I should start at the very beginning. (Reliable sources–musicals, natch–suggest it’s a very good place to start.) From the word “go,” I have been obviously queer and trans, a strident tomboy who stared too long at beautiful women and played too rough with cute boys. Constant insistence that I …

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The Relationship Between Political Correctness, Censorship, and Inhibition

It comes up time and again these days… Has political correctness gone too far? Is censorship running rampant? Are we inhibiting meaningful contributions to society with PC run amok? We live in a consumerist culture. Each of us acts as citizen and consumer on a daily basis. What we consume …

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